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Interior PaintingInterior Cabinet Door

Walls, Ceilings and Woodwork

When we look at your project, we'll be evaluating whether the following things needs to be considered:

  • Discuss any problem areas like stains, peels and other imperfections.
  • Wash as required any surfaces needing cleaning.
  • Sand enameled surfaces as necessary..
  • Evaluate whether primer should be applied to provide a bond coat.
  • Patch cracks and holes as required and re-prime if necessary.
  • Shellac stains or odors to seal and prevent bleed-through.
  • Determine if a brush, rolled or sprayed finish is most appropriate.
  • Evaluate paint types and one-coat or two-coat applications.

Exterior PaintingExterior Bay Windows

Siding, Trim, and Doors

Most exterior projects involve:

  • Power wash to remove soil, oxidation and some loose paint.
  • Hand scrape to remove remaining loose paint.
  • Apply acrylic undercoater to all surfaces to be coated.
  • Fill voids and cracks and re-prime as necessary.
  • Caulk around doors, windows and architectural seams.
  • Re-glaze window sashes as required.
  • Prime all surfaces after glazing and caulking.
  • Tape and tarp surfaces and landscaping to be protected.
  • Brush-and-roll or spray and back-brush siding.
  • Trim and doors are generally given two brushed coats.

Deck Refinishing

In addition to power washing, special deck-cleaning solutions are available. In a step-wise fashion, these products can be used to both clean and brighten oxidized wood. After cleaning, decks are usually coated with a clear or pigmented preservative. Deck coatings come in both oil and acrylic, water-based forms.

Epoxy FloorsEpoxy Floors

Perfect for commercial kitchens and other sterile environments or shops

Exoxy coatings applied to concrete floors provide an extremely durable surface in a wide range of colors. These floor applications are very technical in nature and require precise prepration of the substrate. A typical concrete floor needs to be tested for pH and ground or shot-blasted to remove laitance formed on the surface of the concrete during the original finishing process.

We are certified by Benjamin Moore for the application of their epoxy coatings.

Power Washing

In addition to power washing of driveways and walks, decks and houses are often washed between recoatings.

Lead Based Paint Renovations

We are a Certified Lead Based Paint Renovation Contractor (Permit No. LBPR28774) and are required by EPA guidelines to test for lead on any pre-1978 house where the surface will be disturbed. Lead could have been used in household paint until 1978, but homes built before 1950 are more likely to contain paint with high concentrations of lead. If lead is present, we will follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination.